November 22, 2017

A Disaster or an Opportunity?

You’ve been ram raided!

Someone has thrown a brick through your window!

Your Shopfront and Display is in tatters and disarray!

A disaster? Sure.

But why not turn it all to your advantage?

For starters, turn it into a promotional event. Crime is always newsworthy – especially an accidental Smash or Ram-Raid scene.

Collude with a TV reporter and have them meet you on site. Air your opinions on the state of society – while plugging your damaged business. At the very least, go for a free article and photo in the local paper.

If the Smash and Grab merchant has been able to break through your glass with that brick, we recommend you UPGRADE TO OUR ANTI-BANDIT SECURITY GLASS. Call us to see if you are eligible to have this done, AT NO EXTRA COST.

Refresh and renew. After Secure Glass has repaired your window, take the opportunity to take a fresh look at your display design: including the lighting and your colour scheme.

Summer is coming, why not create an enticing sun-sand-surf, fun-theme. Or alternatively, a seductively cool, shaded look.

Lastly, don’t forget to make a show of your new display when it’s done! Have an ‘Opening’. Use balloons and bunting and throw in some Specials.

The result?

A more secure premises.

A brighter, revamped ‘new’ look.

And some free publicity.

A positive outcome don’t you think?

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