February 17, 2018

Glass Partitioning

Glass Partitioning and Dry Joint Frameless GlazingGlass partitioning provides a modern and sophisticated solution to providing internal enclosures and wall partitions for a variety of applications.One of the clear benefits of using glass partitioning is that light can still pass through, thus creating a feeling of space and a light airy environment. The glass panes require a system of jointing to give strength to the overall partition where each abuts the other (discussed below), and for this Switchglass uses the latest in Dry Joint systems.

There are many different options when choosing the right glass for your partitioning project, which will vary according to your individual and legislative requirements. When you need absolute privacy you might choose sandblasted or diffused laminated glass. The latter will afford some degree of acoustic baffling; double glazed panelling will provide increased soundproofing.  For partial privacy, there are many very attractive, decorative adhesive films that may be applied; enquire about our range.

Alternatively, simple decorative designs or your company branding can be sandblasted on to the glass.

For clients who would like to embrace the latest in technology, Switchglass’ advanced Switchable Privacy Glass can be used to provide absolute privacy at the flick of a switch or touch of a button.


Single Skin Glass Panels

The maximum recommended height for single skin (as opposed to double glazed) toughened or laminated glass partitions are:


Thickness (mm) Height (mm)
10.00 2400
10.88 2400
12.00 3000
12.88 3000
15.00 3500
16.80 3600
19.00 4200


It is also recommended that glass is embedded at least 12mm into its supporting channel to hold the glass securely in place. For most applications the glass edge is flat polished with a standard back arris (bevel) for silicone butt jointing.


Dry Joint Frameless Glazing

Utilising our crystal-clear, easily installed acrylic dry jointing channel as a low-profile integral connector, we affect a discreet join that is virtually invisible between the panels achieving an overall, seamless finish.

Where required, we also produce edgework in the form of a precise size and/or angle on the back arris for specific dry joint systems such as angled or curved layouts.

Full height partitions will often require some form of manifestation or mark to meet current regulations and prevent people from walking into them. This can be achieved by sandblasting the surface of the glass with a manifestation of the customer’s own design, or by adhering some visible emblem on the door or partition at eye level.


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