January 22, 2018

Intelligent Design

Architects vs Architects

It is always good to see a building whose architect has a proper understanding of the manifold ways glass can be incorporated into structural design. Curtain walls – windows – doors? Sure, any architect knows how to draw them into the schematics. But there is a genre of architects who are clearly more artistic, more creative and who have ‘flair’, but are well grounded in the function of design as it relates to a building.

I recently came across such an example in a simple two storied structure serving as a community hall and Tourist Information Centre. What caught my eye was the main entrance way. While the upper story has off-set concrete slab walls interspersed with plentiful windows, the lower floor is predominately glass-clad. For the main entrance the architect has created an attractive, tall glass porch. The porch’s shelter is provided by two opposing large panes of 10mm toughened clear glass some five metres off the ground. They are each sufficiently angled so as to drain rainwater into a deep guttering along the porch’s breadth and not to have dirt or dust settle on their surfaces (I have seen many a glass awning with such slight angles on them that they quickly become filthy – being infrequently cleaned because of their location). To the rear face of the porch’s angular ceiling the architect added a tall metallic louver screen off-set from the large windows behind it. The angled louvers direct the prevailing rain down and away from these windows, deflecting it into the glass porch’s gutter.

It’s an intelligent design, affording us a practical and attractive appendage as a building’s entrance way.

Community Centre
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