January 22, 2018

Customer Policy

Customer satisfaction with the service provided by Secure Glass is one of our primary concerns.

Much of the responsibility for this falls on the staff, as it is primarily through them that our clients form an impression of Secure Glass.

It is for this reason all staff are required to:

  • Present and act in a professional manner.
  • Have full police clearance.
  • Be on time for jobs.
  • Keep clients informed about all areas of the job. This includes the cost of the job, what will be done, the process of completing the job and any changes as they occur.
  • Leave the job site in a clean, safe and tidy condition. This includes the removal of any rubbish, broken glass, boards and any tools or equipment used to complete the job.
Before leaving the site, staff are to check with the key-holder whether they are happy with the completed work or not. They are also to provide a Service Satisfaction Certificate for the client to fill out.

The Service Satisfaction Certificate is based on a 1-5 star rating system. Management checks each certificate and if a low rating is recorded, management contacts the client. They then try to sort out any problems or concerns the client has.