January 22, 2018

Environmental Policy

Secure Glass Pty Ltd acknowledges its environmental responsibilities, ranking them equally with other business objectives and taking into account such aspects as plant location and design, process and discharge control.

Management decisions will aim to:

  • Design operational processes to minimise emissions.
  • Use processes and techniques which are less harmful to the environment.
  • Use non-renewable resources carefully.
  • Conserve energy.
  • Minimise the consumption of packaging materials.
  • Recycle material and cut down waste.

The company will consider the way its operations affect the environment, and wherever possible will reduce any negative effect, beyond the requirements of the Resource Management Act.

The company will encourage its employees to take a responsible attitude toward the environment.

The company will carry out appropriate awareness programmes for staff and sub-contractors for environmental effects.

The company will inform relevant authorities about changes that may be made and their potential for environmental effects.

Where environmental damage has been caused by the company, remedial action will be taken.

The company will develop contingency plans, with the co-operation of relevant authorities, from dealing with environmental emergencies and accidents.