January 22, 2018

Glass for Improving the Home Environment

While the glass in your home can simply provide you with clear viewing, did you know it can also be used to improve conditions within the home? There is a wide range of glass to solve many of the basic deficiencies of the standard home design.

Heat and Glare Reduction: Tinted, or Toned Glass is designed to minimise heat penetrating your windows – without reducing natural light levels. It will keep your home up to 10% cooler and cut out 99% of UV radiation.

Available in Grey, Bronze, Green and Evergreen, the colour or tone of the glass acts like sunglasses: helping to shade the inside of your home by reducing the sun’s heat entering through the windows.

The glass also offers improved privacy without the clutter of blinds and curtains.

Insulation: An Insulating Glass unit, commonly referred to as Double Glazing, is capable of keeping your home cooler in summer and will reduce your heating bills in winter.

Installing Double Glazed windows will increase the ‘insulation efficiency’ in these vulnerable areas by 41%.

The Insulating Glass unit comprises two panes of glass spaced apart in an airtight, securely sealed frame. This highly effective insulator traps warm air inside your home, acting in the same way that insulation bats stop the heat escaping through your ceiling and walls. Thus, the Double Glazed unit will stop heat loss through your windows. While it is common for ordinary glass to used in both panes, other, high performance glass can be used to further increase the efficiency of your windows by 57%.

Security: Lamguard is a superior, grade ‘A’ safety glass – a very tough security glass made with two panes of glass bonded together by a clear vinyl inter-layer. This inter-layer is four times thicker than that found in ordinary laminated glass and produces a barrier that is 47 times harder to break through.

Lamguard also has noise reducing properties and cuts out 99% of the sun’s ultra violet radiation, making it THE superior window security product for your home. Plus, for a cooler home in summer and added privacy, it is available in four tinted colours.

Ultra Violet Protection: The correct glass can protect your curtains, carpet, rugs, artwork and family from sun damage. The most harmful factor is UV radiation. You can eliminate up to 99% of UV rays with the right glass. Tinted glass, depending on the tone used, has an ultra violet protection factor similar to a sunscreen’s SPF rating of 30+.

Clear laminated glass can cut out up to 99% of UV rays. This depends on the properties of the inter-layer within the glass. To prevent heat penetration as well as UV light, the perfect option would be to use tinted laminated glass, instead of clear.

Noise Reduction: The right glass can effectively and economically modify noise disturbance by as much as 57%. Thicker glass, Laminated glass and Double Glazed Insulating units all lower noise levels in different ways.

Thicker glass is very effective at reducing traffic noise, while Laminated glass can greatly reduce voice noise. Using thicker Laminated glass is even more effective. Using either thick or Laminated glass in an Double Glazed Insulating unit improves their performance even further and can reduce voice or traffic noise by 46%.

Where Double Glazed Insulating Glass units can not be used, a second pane or window can be installed behind the existing window and a space created between the panes. This is called secondary glazing. Depending on the width of this space, this method can also reduce traffic noise by as much as 57%.

Safety: Most homes built prior to the mid 1970’s used very little safety glass. It has since become law to have safety glass in the high-risk areas of your home and business. High pedestrian and traffic areas, such as family rooms, bathrooms and ranch slider doors present a high risk factor. By using safety glass in all windows, glass doors, glass table tops and mirrors, you greatly minimise the risk of injury.

Decorative: Decorative Glass is able to transmit, bend and shape light to produce beautiful effects in your home. It provides privacy through obscurity, without sacrificing natural light. From fine shadings to soften and spread light, to bold abstracts, textured glass creates a broad spectrum of stimulating light effects.



Grade ‘A’ Safety Mirror: Made from Grade ‘A’ safety glass, with a vinyl backing. This provides extra protection against serious injury in wardrobes and doors.

Long Life Mirror: This mirror has two coats of protective backing paint, providing a long and blemish free life.

Australian standards recognise two grades of safety glass. Grade ‘A’ safety glass is the superior of the two. Laminated and toughened glass are both rated Grade ‘A’, offering a high level of protection against injury. To meet minimum safety standards, all low-level glazing, internal and external glass doors and side lights, shower-screens, balconies, overhead glazing, balustrades and pool surrounds should be safety glazed.