January 22, 2018

Graffiti Shield

Graffiti Shield is designed to protect your business from much of the damage done by vandals. Since the crackdown on spray paint and texter graffiti, vandals have developed a new taste for window tagging by scratching or scoring it. It is now unusual to find a shop with no window tags or scratches.Graffiti Shield is a remarkably tough, glass protection film. This clear and removable film is applied to the exterior of shop-front windows (or other hard surfaces) prone to damage by vandals.

How Does Graffiti Shield Work?

Graffiti Shield moulds to, and moves with any implement being used to gouge or scratch it, thus preventing contact with the actual glass.

Whether it is a compass, knife, diamond ring, or industrial abrasive paper, Graffiti Shield will prevent penetration through to your glass. This means your window will remain 100% damage free regardless of the damage done to the film. Graffiti Shield acts as a sacrificial barrier between the vandal and your expensive glass windows. When required, the film can be economically removed and replaced.

In addition to its being applied to the exterior of windows, the film can be applied to other hard surfaces you wish to protect – such as stainless steel, and it is frequently used on mirrors in commercial sites. It is also used on bus and train windows, and bus shelters and is capable of withstanding BB and pellet gun shots without damage to the underlying glass.

How Is Graffiti Shield Applied and Removed?

Graffiti Shield is applied with a special mounting adhesive in the same manner as other window films. The application process is quick and unobtrusive. Removing and replacing it with new Graffiti Shield – if it is badly tagged – is a simple process in the hands of our experts and is far more economical than having to replace your shop window.

When damaged, Graffiti Shield is easily peeled off taking with it the unsightly graffiti and scratches, revealing your undamaged window underneath. The window is then cleaned and new film immediately applied. This leaves no window of opportunity for vandals to damage the actual glass.

As well as offering the highest level of scratch-resistant protection available for your windows, Graffiti Shield has additional benefits:

UV Block-Out: Graffiti Shield is able to absorb 99% of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays, protecting your window displays, furniture, carpets and curtains from fading and deterioration.

Glass Breakage: In the unlikely event of your window being broken by would-be thieves, Graffiti Shield prevents glass shattering. The film holds the glass intact inside the frame, preventing an opening being made and reducing the likelihood of burglary.

Visual Impact: Graffiti Shield, being a clear film, will not affect the appearance of your windows, unlike ugly and obtrusive security bars, grills or screens. Vision through the glass is as clear and unaffected as unprotected window glass.

What To Do If Your Business Is Graffitied

Building entities, shop and home owners who are victims of graffiti damage should report all incidents to the Police.It is important the reports are made as soon as the graffiti damage has occurred. This allows the Police to profile which groups are active in which areas, and lets them isolate and target those suburbs for patrol and surveillance.

Reporting the damage to the Police may also result in the offenders being caught. Police can often recognise the graffiti tags and are able to determine the offender or group of offenders using that particular graffiti tag.

It is a misconception that by leaving the graffiti tags the offenders will not strike again in the same area. People committing graffiti damage are actually encouraged to continue this activity in areas that don’t do anything about graffiti. The longer the graffiti is visible to the public, the more satisfying it is to the offender.

The quicker graffiti damage is repaired the less likely chance of graffiti offenders will stay in that particular area. They are more likely to move to an area that is not as diligent in maintaining a graffiti free area.

Victims of Graffiti damage need to contact their local Police Station or telephone 92221111.

Police will require the following information:
– The graffiti tag name/picture damage occurred (i.e. painted, scratched).
– Damage amount.
– Insurance details.
– Time damage noticed.
– Location of damage.
– Details of person making the report (name, address and telephone number).

An Offence Report Number will be given. Insurance Companies will require this number so that a damage claim can be made. Should it be warranted, a Forensic Officer will contact the shop/business owner and arrange a time to come and take photos of the damage.