January 22, 2018

Cracked Window


What a Pane!
Client:  Watersun Property Group P/L, Burswood Road, Ascot

The crew concluded that these two, large 7m² panes in the building had cracked due to reflected heat from the sun. Because of their extra-large size they let a lot of sunlight into the building and the tenants had done a logical thing and placed large panels up inside to protect themselves from the heat. Unfortunately this caused the heat to reflect back at the glass.

These massive panes took five of us to firstly, remove the cracked ones, and secondly, replace them with grey-tint 10.38mm laminated plate glass.

We had to erect scaffolding to work from and an architectural steel feature, that seemed to serve no purpose, protruded two thirds of way up the wall making the job somewhat awkward. Anyway, it went all without hitch. I understood that old adage – “there’s safety in numbers” – they were heavy panes!