January 22, 2018

Double Glazing


Manufacture of Aluminium Frames and Installation of Double Glazed Units

This project had us working way up north in Bindoon; a lot farther north than our usual sphere, but it’s always a pleasure to get out into the country.

It was also a pleasure to be helping a client achieve an eco-friendly solution to glazing their home.

The project took four weeks overall to complete – from the time we started manufacturing the aluminium frames for the double glazed units, to completion of installation.

Our client was over the moon with the result, and so were we. There was a total of 47m² of glass involved. For their double glazed units the client chose panels of 4mm toughened SolTech glass backed with 6mm clear; the 10mm space in between was filled with Argon gas; wonderfully energy efficient double glazing. (This client has an eye to the future.)

SolTech glass has a transparent Low E coating. This forms a highly durable hard coating that is embedded in the glass surface and provides insulation that keeps the building warm in winter by reflecting heat back into the room, and cool in summer by reflecting the sun’s heat back through the glass to the exterior. This natural thermal insulation process reduces the need for air-conditioning and heating, which reduces wasteful energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

A good choice.