January 22, 2018

Shopfront Renovation Mosman Park


Total Shopfront Renovation for Goldy’s, Mosman Park

This project was a delight for the men – lots of smashing and ripping out. Then the real work began.

A whole shopfront was to be refitted. The job took two full days.

Frames and hardware were all made to precise measurements back in our O’Connor factory, then transported to the Mosman Park site for fitting. After that, the windows and doors were glazed in. A total of 12m² of 10.38mm laminated safety glass was installed. In this instance the shopfront was designed to have no corner mullions, so the glass had to be silicone butt joined at the corners by the entrance. This called for precision glazing.

Now complete with Goldy’s new signage up, the place looks a real treat.