January 22, 2018

Glazier’s Log : The Pitchfork Burglar

PitchforkTrauma counseling. Now that’s another skill we glaziers develop on the job. I frequently encounter dazed and distraught customers after they have had a break-in.

Take the other night for example. An opportunist burglar, having spied through the uncurtained windows of the house a set of car keys and purse casually left on the top of the sideboard, sneaked up the drive into the unlocked garage and chose for his tool a sturdy pitchfork. While the family were enjoying their dinner, he struck the glass in the sliding door until it shattered and, bold as brass, marched in, grabbed the car keys and purse, and left: apparently without a word. The family were completely stunned and cowed by his intimidating presence and aggressive demeanor. They did nothing – even as they heard him drive off in their car.

When I arrived they were still in a state of shock and I had to curb my tendency to look on the humorous side. As I went about my work I chatted with them sympathetically, and encouraged them to be optimistic. Later, choosing my words carefully, I gave them a few good pointers on basic security while promoting our range of superior laminated security glass – the ultimate being Lamguard. The police had been less sympathetic, more keen to track down and apprehend the offender.

We all tend to become a little casual about where we leave our keys (and sometimes money). There is no need for us to make it easy or tempting for the criminally inclined. A little thought and cunning can be enough sometimes to deter an opportunist thief.

Funny though, when I returned to my truck which I had left parked outside the house, my toolbox had been emptied.

I’d forgotten to put the lock back on. I must remember to practice what I preach.

I must remember to . . . . I must remember . . . .


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Preventing Break-ins

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Windows and Doors

– the burglar’s typical and easiest entry point

Time is of the essence to a burglar. They break the glass panel, clear a hole big enough to get through or to get at the inside door latch, and in ten minutes they are in, out and gone. You’ve been burgled.

NOW WHAT IF . . . the glass just doesn’t fall to pieces?

What if, after twenty hard blows with, say a baseball bat, they still haven’t succeeded in penetrating the glass? Does a burglar really have time for this? OK, another twenty powerful and exhausting blows to the same spot . . . still not through!

By now a whole, noisy two minutes has gone by. I don’t know about you, but I’d be thinking of a career change at this point.

And just what is it that is ruining their plans?


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Broken Window