January 22, 2018

Interactive Touch Glass

Interactive touch glass is based on optical technology which uses a camera unit to detect touch points.


  • The infra red beam irradiates the reflective film and reflects back to the camera units.
  • Two camera units catch the shadow of the finger to calculate its coordinates.

Interactive Touch Glass - Principle

Touch Screen

Interactive Touch Glass

Interactive Touch Glass


  • High reliability
  • Long life time
  • High sensitivity: 100pps
  • High resolution:  32,000 points
  • Support multi touch function
  • Attachment solution
  • Custom sizes available
Touch Screen 22″ (Standard size)
Other sizes could be issued (15″ to 25″)
Optical type multi touch technology
Interface: 3 metres of USB cable (USB to PC)

Application: Suitable for LCD TV and plasma TV, monitor

Material: Metal housing with tempered glass on touch surface

Customised design is available

Touch Screen Frame 32″, 37″, 42″, 47″, 50″, 52″, 65″ Customised version available with up to 100″ screen
Interactive Window Frame and Module Installed easily on glass to be a touch device
Standard: 60″, 80″ and 100″
Other sizes are available up to 100″