January 22, 2018

Switchable Glass – Vision or Privacy at the Flick of a Switch

Switchable Privacy Glass

New liquid crystal Switchable Privacy Glass can change appearance, allowing any transition between clear and opaque, in milliseconds. It can be used in internal glass wall partitions in Offices and Board Rooms, in Shopfronts and display windows, in Hotel Lobbies and Entrances – anywhere where alternate vision or privacy is required . . . or as a projection flat screen for presentations and movies.

It can go from clear to opaque, transparent to translucent. It can regulate daylight transmission, and with projection it becomes a massive flat-screen with remarkable image clarity – all at the flick of a switch. In its un-switched state, the liquid crystals diffuse light, rendering the glass opaque. When switched, the liquid crystals align, allowing light to transmit without diffusion. Also, by variable voltage control, any state from clear to opaque can be programmed. It is definitely an improvement on curtains and blinds.

When used for projection, the liquid crystals capture and transmit projected images with very high clarity and resolution from very acute angles, providing an ideal display screen for simultaneous front and rear viewing. This allows the possibility at night of your whole shop front window becoming a giant flat-screen, on which you could display your own “tailor-made” advertising features projected from inside your shop.

This product has scope for a multitude of uses.

A live display of Switchable Glass is located at Home Base Expo Subiaco. Visit www.switchglass.com.au for more information.

Electric Glass

Touch Screen GlassSwitchable Privacy Glass is sometimes referred to as Electric Glass but this latter term refers to a whole genre of “wired”, or “electrified” glass incorporating such technology as “touch-screen”, intelligent glass panels.


Switchable Privacy Glass

How Does It Work

Liquid Crystals are dispersed within a formulated polymer film.

When the film is subjected to a flow of electricity from the power control (at the “flick of a switch”), the crystal particles become active and align in a parallel formation. This allows light to pass through, giving you “clear” glass.

When the flow of electricity is stopped, the crystals return to their original positions, blocking the flow of light. Various states in-between can be programmed into the power control.

Switchable Privacy Glass is available in a variety of colours.

Home Base Subiaco - Switchable Privacy Glass Installation  Switchable Privacy Glass - "Switched On"