January 22, 2018

Self-Cleaning Glass & Associated Products

So who would not want to have glass that never needs cleaning? {Nobody raises a hand.}

Activ™ Self-Cleaning Glass, and a proprietary liquid that creates this clever effect, have both been available for a number of years now and have been used widely in commercial buildings where large areas of glass are a feature of the design. Yet they haven’t yet caught on with “Joe Public” – perhaps because of a natural scepticism – “Self cleaning glass? Oh yeah?”

But yes! The technology is here, the product works and is available. (Pilkington Activ™ Self-Cleaning Glass, a factory prepared glass, was used to glaze the new Britomart railway and transport interchange building in Auckland, New Zealand. The building resembles a huge glasshouse, or box.)


How It Works

Either in its factory-glass form or as a liquid that can be applied to glass, the microscopic (or “nano”) coating allows nature to do the cleaning.

Activ™ Self-Cleaning Glass works in two stages. The first stage is photocatalytic – the coating reacts with daylight to break down organic dirt. The second stage is hydrophilic – when rain (or tap) water hits the glass, instead of forming droplets, it spreads evenly, running off in a “sheet” taking the loosened dirt with it, drying quickly without leaving streaks. The coating continues to work even on cloudy days and during the night, washing away dirt whenever it rains or the glass is hosed down.


Glass Treatment Using NG1010 Nanotechnology

For those who want to treat their windows retrospectively, there is a similar liquid product that can be applied.

NG1010 is a special nanotechnology product with a long-term hydrophobic effect on glass surfaces. This is not a sealer that forms a film but rather a modification of the surface on a molecular level to provide an easy to clean surface.

The product works by repelling water – and prevents adhesion of foreign matter on the surface.

Easy To Clean/Self-Cleaning Effect: An ultra-thin and invisible coating is applied to the glass surface. Because of the hydrophobic treatment effect dirt particles cannot penetrate the matrix of the surface.

Water runs off easily from the treated surface and all dirt particles are washed off by rain or when rinsed with water. Alternatively, a hose can be used to clean the glass when there is little or no rainfall.


Recommended For Glass Protection

Microscopically regarded, glass is not completely smooth, so water and dirt on the surface can build up easily. Nanotechnology glass treatment allows the dirt in combination with water simply to wash off, providing a clean surface.

NG1010 protects the glass surfaces against permanent stubborn stains from calcium and salt.  The coating is very long-lasting.

NG1010 remains unaffected by changes in temperature or UV strength. It cannot be removed by water, cleaning agent or with high pressure equipment. Surfaces treated with NG1010 are very simple to maintain.


NG1010 is recommended for:

  • Windows and skylights
  • Windscreens (automotive and marine)
  • Glass façades
  • Shower screens
  • Glass Pool surrounds
  • Balustrades
  • Solar collectors.


Features And Benefits Of NG1010

  • Economical and long lasting
  • Excellent protection for new and old surfaces
  • Water and dirt repellent
  • Increasing effect with periodical application
  • Improves driving safety in the rain
  • Better night vision
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Easy to clean/self cleaning effect


NG1010 Specifications

Supply Form:  Liquid
Colour:  Clear
Density:  Approx 0.8
Solvents:  < Alcohol; denatured
Flashpoint:  21°C
Storage Temperature:  Not below 4°C / 39°F
Application Temperature:  4°C to 35°C / 39°F to 86°F


Surface Preparation Before Application Of NG1010

  • The substrate must be completely dry before the application.
  • Proper surface preparation ensures maximum performance and durability.
  • Surfaces must be dry and free from dirt, grit, dust, grease etc. Use CL40 cleaner.
  • Calcium stain should be removed.
  • Do not touch the cleaned glass with bare hands.


Application Of NG1010

  • Ensure the surface is free of any previous residue of the cleaner.
  • DO NOT use the same cloth as used for cleaning.
  • Use a dry soft and clean cotton towel, micro fibre cloth or micro fibre pad.
  • The application takes place in a processing step, whereby the coating is to be sprayed on and wiped on.
  • Apply a small amount and polish in the wet treatment in a circular overlapping polishing motion, treating section by section.
  • Spray the next area and repeat the process. Ensure the whole surface gets treated.
  • Alternatively, the treatment can be sprayed onto the towel or cloth and polished into the glass in the same manner.
  • Treat only small sections at a time and ensure the whole surface is treated evenly.
  • Check the treated area for any streaks, residue or product splashes and wipe them off. The glass should be crystal clear when finished.
  • Only a very small amount of treatment is required.
  • 5-10ml will treat a square metre of glass.
  • NG1010 is water-resistant 30 minutes after application, reaching its optimal repellent effect within 12-24 hours.


Self Cleaning Glass

Self Cleaning Glass NG1010

Glass Pool Fencing


High Rise Glass Cleaning


Self Cleaning Metal NH2015


Metal Treatment Using NH2015 Nanotechnology

Brown discolouration or tea staining of stainless steel in a coastal environment is a common problem in Australia and overseas.


NH2015 Metal is a water-based abrasive metal cleaner used to remove stubborn tea stains, oxidations and contaminations from uncoated metal surfaces like stainless steel, aluminium and other uncoated metals. The special formulated abrasive blend makes it easy to remove all stains. The “nano” scale hydrophobic active substance provide a long lasting, ultra thin protection and a durable easy-to-clean surface effect.


Stainless steel and other metals will stay shiny and protected even at harsh marine environments or in areas with high pollution or dust levels. Older and contaminated surfaces can be brought back to the original conditions.


Benefits Of NH2015 Metal

  • For any metal surface
  • Low consumption
  • Easy to apply
  • Excellent stain removal
  • Simple to maintain, easy re-application
  • Economical to use
  • Excellent long term protection
  • Reduces dirt adherence
  • Easy to clean


Application Of NH2015

  • The surface must be dry.
  • Apply evenly with micro fiber cloth and polish until metal is clean and shiny. Remove excess product during or directly after the application with soft cloth.
  • The hydrophobic properties appear after 30 minutes.