January 22, 2018

Wooden Frame Windows and Doors

Single or Double Glazed

For those who prefer the classic timber frame look, Secure Glass has a wide range of wooden frame windows and doors  for:

  • Bi-fold or standard glass doors
  • Sash windows
  • Sliders or hinged windows

We collaborate with foremost timber window and door frame manufacturing companies in Australia in order to supply you with the best products.

Wooden frame windows and doors can be manufactured as single pane or double glazed units (all our double glazed units have Argon Gas filled centres).

A wooden frame can also be manufactured with privacy glass or coloured glass, and can include security film.


Wooden Frame Windows


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Aluminium Framing

Looking to the Future

The ability to supply aluminium frames gives Secure Glass the flexibility to be even more responsive to clients’ specifications, and enables us to have control over the whole glazing component of a construction job with a direct cost benefit to the customer.

We supply aluminium framing for hinged doors, sliding doors, stacking doors and bi-fold doors, and fit the appropriate latches, locks and closing systems.

Hinged windows, sash windows, sliding, stacking and bi-fold window frames, either single or double glazed (IGU) types are also assembled and glazed by our expert staff.

Aluminium Frame Stacking Doors

Aluminium Systems


You could be forgiven for thinking that this reddish-brown sunburned country of ours consists wholly of Bauxite, the ore from which Aluminium is refined.

Well, the truth is, we do have some of the largest reserves of this ore on the planet and it is mined, smelted and refined in diverse places throughout many of our States. It is a mega-big industry. It is not a surprise, therefore, that Australia excels at producing refined Aluminium – much of which is used in the construction industry.

The extruded aluminium forms used in window and door framing create the strength needed to give structural integrity to a building. In profile they can look like channels, or odd letters from the alphabet, and are often interlocked with one another.

As would be expected from such an important and large industry, the end product in all its peculiar but meticulously thought-out shapes, is available in a wide range of attractive finishes, from the basic brushed metal look, to the full colour spectrum of powder coatings or anodised finishes.

Secure Glass provides only quality Australian aluminium products for your window and door frames.

Contact us for more information or click on the following link for ideas:  https://www.secureglass.com.au/aluminium/home-improvements

Interlocking Aluminium Extrusions