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Need Glass Splashbacks Installed In Perth?

At Secure Glass window repair is not the only thing we specialize in. We focus on everything “glass”, including all types of glass splashback tiles and kitchen mirror glass installations. If you’re looking for glass splashbacks installation in Perth, we specialize in all types of mirrored glass splashback installations. We have installed splashbacks of all sorts, from kitchen installations to home bars, bathrooms and outdoor kitchens too. We are more than happy to help you with your splashback installation needs.

Why Use Glass Splashbacks In Your Kitchen?

For the toughness: Glass splashbacks are made from a toughened glass that when broken, instead of shattering into dangerously sharp shards, it simply turns into small balls of glass pieces that are easy and much safer to clean up. But the hope is that you won’t have to deal with broken glass because splashbacks are actually a much more tough glass that is not easy to break.

For looks: Mirrored splashbacks have the power to transform a kitchen’s appearance, and also its functionality. They make it so easy to keep your kitchen area clean, but not only that, they enhance the rooms’ beauty and feel. Most glass splashback colours offer a look and a finish that far surpasses what the normal tile options can do.

For hygiene reasons: Splashbacks in the kitchen are far easier to clean due to the lack of grout lines. No need to crouch over with toothbrush and baking soda to scrub your grouts back to white each week. As Clieanipedia states, all you need are some lint-free towels and nonabrasive glass cleaner to easily get it back to perfection. Adding to these tips, we always recommend using a microfiber cloth. Combined with a simple white vinegar solution, micro-fiber towels are perfect for glass splashback cleaning. They’re so easy to clean with these few tools on hand, that you can simply swipe it back to perfection fast and easy. Kitchen splashbacks offer both looks AND hygiene benefits.

How to find the best kitchen splashback

There are so many great ideas floating around on magazines, blogs, Pinterest boards and more, to be inspired from when choosing the best glass splashback “look” for your kitchen. This article from BidVine is a great resource for splashbacks ideas for you to see. Their top choice splash back is called an “Arabesque Tile” which they say gives your kitchen an “exotic and high-end feel” if that’s what you’re going for. Others on their Top 29 list include Black Glass Splashback, Chalkboard Splashback, Copper Splashback, Herringbone Tiles and more. I’d recommend giving this list a look if you’re currently searching for the best kitchen splashbacks for you.

We’d love to help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

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