Commercial Glazing Services


Commercial Glass Repair

Whether you need a new glass wall installation or you have a crack in your window, at Secure Glass our expert team of professional and certified glaziers are always ready to help. Our commercial glazing services are cost-effective. If you have an emergency we have an emergency dispatch team available for repairs or board ups, 24 hours a day. Our emergency glass repairs come with direct insurance billing and same day service.

Each window replacement and glass repair job is done using the latest in advanced imaging technology. Additionally, if you are building an office or you need a glass install to help with COVID-19 measures, give us a call, we can help.

Insurance Claims: We process your broken window or glass repair insurance claims. Contact us for assistance.

Shop Front Glass & Entrances

Shop front glass should be made out of reinforced tempered glass or laminated glass. It’s durable, stronger and lasts against any case of unfortunate vandalism or break-in attempts.

Security Board Ups

If your business has gotten broken into, or you’ve been vandalised, our team of expert glaziers at Secure Glass are always on stand-by, waiting to help!

Emergency boarding can immediately be installed throughout Perth to ensure that your premises are secure. The security boarding will last for as long as it’s needed and will keep you and your building and its possessions safe in the meantime.

Our security board ups protect your business from looters and vandals, while enabling us to work on the new glass installation.

From Wellington Square to store-front public street facing shops in East End, if your store gets a lot of foot traffic or views from the street, it’s important that your glass is high quality and safe.

Our LamGuard security glass installations are one of the most used security glass options in Perth and beyond.

Exterior Commercial Glass Replacements

Aluminium Glass Door & Window Repairs

If you’re online searching for a glazier near you to fix a broken aluminium glass door, our top team of Perth glaziers are ready to set an open door before you. Give us a call and receive a free quote today!

Our Aluminium Glass Services Include:

  • Aluminum Door Frame Repair Jobs
  • Aluminium Door Glass Replacement Services
  • Glass Kitchen Doors
  • Aluminium Frame Glass Window
  • Aluminium Glass Window
  • Glass Door Repair
  • Aluminium Door Scratch Repair
  • Glass Frame Extrusion
  • Sliding Door Repairs

Interior Glass Replacements

Switchable Privacy Glass

Switchable Glass, also known as “smart glass”, can be used to preserve privacy or to divide a room or dwelling into sections. It’s a very common application for office wall partitions. Smart glass switches from clear to opaque in a moment. Whereas in the past it was relegated to Hollywood or other featured films, it is no longer science fiction but a practical and useful reality. Visit Switchglass to learn more.

Commercial Mirrors

Our Secure Glass professional glaziers do commercial mirror installs of all types and sizes. Small spaces can appear bigger by placing a large mirror behind a piece of furniture to create a feeling of a larger room. Many of our clients use a strategic placement of their commercial mirrors for this reason. For advice, an inquiry or a physical inspection of your business, please get in touch.

Decorative Glass

As an instant interior-aesthetics enhancement for your business, decorative glass is offered. Similar to how mirrors optically improve small dwellings, decorative glass benefits any office or building you place it in. It gives an office or building a professional and head-turning look.

Options are unlimited, and although we have many beautiful designs and templates for you to choose from, we can always use your unique design and make a glass that will suit your business and reflect your company’s vision and purpose.

More Commercial Glazing Services

Glass Partitions

Glass partition walls can be placed in offices to create privacy and personal space. They can be installed with a swing door or with hinged. These partitioned glass walls are usually made with laminated glass to help acoustic insulation. This helps to create a peaceful environment for people to work in.

They’re easy to clean, effective and extremely strong. Glass partitions allow natural light to come in the room or workspace which not only lowers electricity bill numbers, but support your health.

Drywall is a good solution for creating diverse layouts in a building. However the aesthetics can never compare to a beautiful glass partitioned wall. Drywall must be torn out and reinstalled every time a new layout is desired, while with a glass partition wall, you can easily remove and rearrange. For a free quote or inspection, get in touch with us today.

Single Pane Glass

Single Pane Glass Window

Windows made of single pane glass cost less than double-paned windows. However they’re not as energy efficient. Single pane windows have no insulation. They are more likely to allow outside temperature and noise to sneak inside.

In Western Australia, single pane glass windows are often sufficient. However, double pane glass can better insulate your building and provide additional benefits through the Perth seasons of the year.

Double Pane Glass

Double Pane Glass Window

Double pane glass windows are made out of two panes of glass. The space between the two layers of glass is filled with gas; Krypton gas or Argon gas.

Double Pane Glass Window Benefits: This makes double pane glass far more efficient than single pane windows. In the long term, double pane glass will save you money. Estimates for savings are around 18% during the summer. Colder climates get further benefits during winter months, however Perth’s weather can still very much benefit from double paned glass. Additionally, noise from outside is more effectively muffled versus single paned glass.

Interior Glazing – Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is a type of safety glass that’s chemically treated to increase its strength and durability. If the glass breaks it will crumble into small granular chunks instead of shattering into sharp shards on which you can cut yourself.

It’s usually installed in places where safety plays a big factor, places like swimming pools, balcony doors or frameless glass doors. Our glaziers will be glad to install it according to your wishes and help you create a secure and safe environment for you and your visitors.

Interior Glazing – Laminated Glass

This type of glass is often called “sandwich glass” because it’s made out of two or more plies of glass and because it has a layer between those two layers. In case of damage laminated glass will stay together as if it was glued. Car windshields are usually made out of laminated glass.

Laminated glass also blocks 99% of the UV-light transmission and has great sound reduction properties. If you are interested to know more about laminated glass make sure to call us and ask about it. We are here to help you make a choice choosing glass that fits your needs.

Contact Secure Glass Today For Your Commercial Glass Repair Needs

When it comes to glass you have to make sure that people repairing or installing it are professionals. If an inexperienced person handles glass you can end up with terrible injuries and even fatalities.

Whether it’s a residential glass repair job or your business’ broken shop window that needs fixing, our experienced, certified glaziers at Secure Glass are professionally trained and on call 24/7.

Our company is known for its exceptional calibre work, so you can rest assured that glazing will be done with all safety precautions. And that the end product will be high quality!

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