February 17, 2018

24 Hour Emergency Glass Repairs

Secure Glass covers all areas of Perth for 24 hour emergency glass repairs. If it is a night time breakage, our staff will measure up that night, glaze the window or door immediately, or secure the premises by boarding up the damaged windows or doors for the glazing team to replace the next day.

Window Repairs and Replacement

Contact us now for all your window repairs and glass replacement. We offer “real time”, prompt quotes and service.


Glass showerscreens and cabinets are a practical, stylish and durable product giving you uninterrupted viewing of your attractive tiled-wall bathroom surrounds. They are safe, affordable and easy to install. Depending upon your bathroom’s design, you may want a centre wall mounted cabinet with three glass panels, a corner unit with two glass panels, or a larger corner unit with three glass panels. We would be happy to discuss the options with you.

Glass Partitioning

There are many different options when choosing the right glass for your partitioning project, which will vary according to your individual and legislative requirements. When you need absolute privacy you might choose sandblasted or diffused laminated glass.

Low E Glass – Low ‘Emissivity’, Energy Efficient Glass

Creating Energy Efficient Buildings

“Buildings are the nation’s largest energy consumer” and Secure Glass can help you achieve greater energy efficiency in your building whether it be a new construction or a retro-fit.


Are you confused?
Smart glass, electric glass, heated glass, energy efficient glass, tinted glass, toughened glass, tempered glass, insulated glass units, double glazed units, privacy glass, switchable glass, glass sliders. . . But who talks about WINDOWS anymore?

Starfire Glass

A relatively new innovation, Starfire Glass is a lead free, low iron glass renowned for its crystal-like clarity. It is not quite clear enough to be labelled “crystal” however, as a very slight blue tint is evident in the mostly-clear product.   Standard float glass will always have a greenish tinge, especially when viewed end-on […]