Glass Installation Services In Perth, WA


If you have a new home improvement project or an office renovation in Perth that requires custom glass, you need the glass installation to be done by professional glass installers.

From Fremantle, Rockingham and Mandurah, to Cockburn, Canning Vale, Armadale, Joondalup and more, our glass installers at Secure Glass have been providing quality workmanship throughout Perth, WA suburbs for over 3 decades!

We take extra pains to make sure that we provide flawless service – no matter what kind of problem surfaces during your glazing job- from design advice to onsite glass installation services!

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Why Professional Glass Installers are a must

Installation of a custom glass can require tempered glass to be trimmed before the glass installation can be completed. 

This can be costly if it isn’t done correctly. For this reason, it’s vital for Perth homeowners and business owners alike not just choose any Perth glass installer, but to turn to a glazing company who has experience trimming delicate materials like tempered or laminated safety sheets (which are what most modern-day buildings use these days).

Our glass installers at Secure Glass know how strong tempered panels need special handling when getting them cut down into size for installation purposes by abrading (grinding) off thin concentric rings from their surfaces until we get what we need out of them. When done properly, there should be no residual impact on your glass’ integrity.

Need An Emergency Glass Installation In Perth, WA?

Whether it be an emergency sliding glass door installation or a commercial broken glass repair, at Secure Glass, we can handle your next glass installation with precision and professionalism that’s necessary for this industry. 

We’ve been installing and repairing shopfront glass, safety glass, Switchable (smart glass) and more types of glass for homes and businesses all throughout Perth, Western Australia for decades.

In Compliance With Standard Australia’s Glass Installation Standards 

Secure Glass is happy to adhere to Standards Australia‘s Glass Safety Standards. These glass guidelines cover glass installations throughout all of Australia, as well as clarify details required for Glaziers to follow. Standard Australia’s goal is to offer a consistent and safe guideline for the application and installation of glass Australia-wide.

standards australia glass installation standards

We can replace old or broken glass windows and doors with a modern safety glass that satisfies Australian Glass Standards. From energy efficiency and cost savings, to safety for you, your family and your customers, there are many benefits to complying with Standards Australia’s glass standards.

For AGWA members, best practice is not a negotiation, it is the only option. By using an AGWA member to source your products, you can be assured that they have been certified by a qualified certifier and are from a reputable supplier” – Australian Glass & Window Association

Engaging in best practice glass installation is not an option at Secure Glass. We abide by the AS 1288:2006 – Glass in Buildings – Selection & Installation guidelines. These specify procedures for the design, selection and installation of glass in residential and commercial buildings.

Types Of Glass Installation We Offer In Perth, WA

Throughout our almost 3 decades of experience in Perth installing glass both commercial and residential, we’ve been fortunate enough to install all types of glass. From residential windows and glass doors, to small business shopfront and commercial building’s windows and doors. We’ve installed mirrors, kitchen glass splashbacks, office smart glass, business bathroom mirrors, pool fencing among others.

Residential Glass Installations

  • Frameless shower glass doors
  • Frameless glass
  • Glass pool fencing installations
  • Sliding glass door installations
  • Glass pet doors
  • Repaired, re-glazed glass
  • Laminated glass

Learn more about our Perth home glass repair services.

Commercial Glass Installations

  • Shopfront windows
  • Shopfront sliding glass doors
  • Business glass
  • Commercial building windows
  • Glass mirrors
  • Privacy / Switchable Glass

Learn more about our commercial glazing services.

Do you offer Switchable Glass Installation?

Yes we install switchable glass.

In the past, before the advent of smart glass, screens would be the most common way to create privacy in a room with glass windows or through large glass doors. Bring in film technology and now we have switchable privacy glass. Curtains and screens have now become optional.

The film technology used in privacy switchable glass allows it to adapt to give you the exact privacy you seek. From micro-blinds to thermochromic and electrochromic glass films, there are several different technologies used on various sizes and shapes of switchable glass.

This glass can easily be upgraded to on a home glass repair service. It’s used in homes and businesses alike.

Types of switchable glass we offer and install:

  • Acoustic
  • Curved
  • Coloured
  • Projection Screen Switchable glass
  • Circle & Other Shapes
  • Custom Laminate Picture, Mesh and Structural
  • Radiation Shielding Switchable glass

Smart or Switchable glass is one of our expertise areas and we’re always looking forward to working on these types of installations. Please visit Switchglass to learn more about Switchable Privacy Glass/Smart Glass and all of its applications and possibilities.

Can you install laminated glass if we already have the glass?

Yes, we can install laminated glass that’s been laminated already or we can laminate your glass and do a laminated glass installation

How Much Is A Home Glass Installation?

Depending on whether we’re doing a re-glaze or a repair or a new glass installation, we carry a comprehensive selection of glass products. We carry a full range of affordable cost-saving glass through to a premium glass range. All are excellently manufactured glass types that meet Australia’s glass standards.

Are You Searching For Glass Installation Near Me?

We come to you wherever you may be located in and throughout Perth, WA.

We offer both commercial and home glass repair all throughout Perth. We can venture out to Perth’s outskirts all the way through to Perth CBD. If you’re around Perth’s metropolitan or surrounding suburbs, our Secure Glass glazing truck is fully stocked, and our expert glazing technicians are just a phone call away!

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