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switchable glass installation Perth

At Secure Glass, we can help you with glass installations.

Interested In Privacy Glass?

We Can Install All Types Of Switchable Privacy Glass. 

  • Acoustic
  • Curved
  • Coloured
  • Projection Screen Switchglass
  • Circle & Other Shapes
  • Custom Laminate Picture, Mesh and Structural
  • Radiation Shielding Switchglass
  • And more!

In the past, before the advent of smart glass, screens would be the most common way to create privacy in a room with glass windows or through large glass doors. The film technology used in this privacy glass allows it to adapt to give you what you need, privacy. From micro-blinds to thermochromic and electrochromic glass films, there are several different technologies used on various sizes and shapes of switchable glass. We have a lot of experience with all of them, so click here to learn more about switchable glass installation services.

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