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Secure Glass Offers Commercial & Residential Glass Replacements Throughout Perth, WA.

Our experienced glaziers can replace your professional commercial building and home glass.

Professionally Replace Glass of All Types

If you’ve seen what’s involved in double pane and regular glass window repair, you know that glazing windows and doors requires not only highly experienced professionals, but also the right materials and tools for the job.

On-Call 24/7. There when you need us.

Whether it’s an emergency situation needing fixed and replaced right away, or a non-emergency unfortunate shatter that needs a risk assessment from our experienced glaziers first, Secure Glass can take care of it.

You Choose: Premium & Affordable Glass Replacement Options

Our professional glazingwork trucks are stocked with the proper supplies, advanced tools, are on-call and always ready to receive your phone call and tend to your mirror, window and door glass replacement needs.

The Secure Glass glazing trucks are equipped with premium and affordable replacement glass.

We’re equipped with all the tools and technologies, plus experienced, professional glaziers required for your proper window glass replacement in Perth, WA.

We’ll come to your location to do any type of sliding glass door replacements, double pane windows and frames, or any other commercial or home window glass needing to be switched out for new glass panels.

We do it all, and have been doing it all for over 20 years! Simply contact Secure Glass in O’Connor, WA and we’ll take care of the rest.

Commercial Glass Replacement & Repair Job In Perth

Searching For Glass Replacement Near Me?

If you’ve encountered a situation where you need glass replacement, whether it’s an emergency or a non-time sensitive situation, at Secure Glass customer service and satisfaction are very important to us.

We are a team of dedicated members who possess the skills, expertise, and motivation needed for the most successful replacement glass services.

Over 2 Decades Experience

Secure Glass was founded in 1993 as a wholly owned West Australian glazing company. We’ve replaced glass of all types and know what you will need.

Police Cleared Glaziers

Secure Glass glaziers are fully police cleared, so you can rest assured knowing you have well-to-do glaziers on the job, whether it’s a home window glass replacement or a commercial location.

Our police-cleared glaziers ensures you safe & the utmost professional glazing experience for your home or business.

Direct Insurance Billing

Claim glass replacement on your insurance. Commercial or home glass replacements both can be claimed and billed direct to your insurance.

Professionally Equipped Glazing Work Trucks

Our mobile technicians are here, stocked and ready for any on-call door or window glass replacement service calls.

Affordable Glass Replacements

Our superior services are also the most affordable glass replacements in town.

All Glass Types

We repair and replace wooden glass windows, glass door replacement and sliding glass door replacements. As well as aluminium types, shop front glass, door glass panel, window and frame and emergency glass replacement services.

Secure Glass Emergency Glass Replacement Truck In Perth, WA
On-call Perth glaziers here for you 24/7

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Our Secure Glass licensed Perth glaziers are always just a phone call away. Start with a free measurement and quote! Book an appointment or give us a call direct at (08) 9314 2044 or 0421 623 224.

We Replace All Window Types

If you’ve seen what’s involved in double pane or glass window repair, you know that glazing windows requires not only highly experienced professionals, but also the right materials and tools for the job to get the proper quality glass cut to size on the spot.

Looking to purchase new glass without the repair or replacement services? View our glass products.

perth double pane glass window replacement
Double Pane Glass Windows in Perth

Benefits Of Switching Out & Replacing Old Glass Windows

From improving your home’s energy efficiency and upgrading its safety, to noise reduction to needing non-compliant shop glass replaced to today’s Australian standards, our Secure Glass glaziers can inspect your situation and present to you all your options. We want to help you make the best choice for your Perth home or business.

Energy Efficiency

Don’t let money go out the window. Replace old windows with single, dual-pane or even triple-pane windows to maximise energy and cost savings.

Be Up To Date

The Australian Glass & Glazing Association (AGGA) has created a set of Australian Window Glass Regulations. Learn more about these Australian glazing standards at

Upgraded Safety

Improve your home’s safety. Improve your home’s energy bill, and upgrade your windows to be compliant. Learn more about KidSafe safety glass.

Noise Reduction

The outer pane of laminated glass (a.k.a. sandwich glass) is made up of a thin film of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) placed between two panes of glass. PVB dampens soundwaves. This is what makes it an ideal glass for noise reduction.

Let Us Service Your Next Window Replacement

Before the year 1989, most homes used window glass that today no longer passes Australian Standards and pose a risk to you and your family with potential for dangerous splinters and other old glass dangers.

Under the Building Code of Australia (BCA), window manufacturers are required to supply windows and glazed doors that meet mandatory minimum specifications for structural sufficiency and water penetration resistance under Australian Standard (AS) 2047, Windows in buildings, selection and installation. Energy efficiency provisions state that windows performance data must be determined in accordance with the guidelines of the Australian Fenestration Rating Council (AFRC).

While we are there assessing your window or door glass replacement, you may want to upgrade your window glass type. We offer upgraded options, from safety glass to more sustainable glass that saves energy and passes the latest energy efficient Australian legislations.

Let us know if you’d like an upgrade over the phone when you call. You can also let us know about an upgraded replacement after we’ve arrived for your glass installation services.

We recommend Zach from Secure Glass for any glass replacement. Zach was very quick to respond in fixing our broken glass in a professional and caring manner. Thank you Secure Glass.

Do you need to replace window frames?

Whether or not we replace glass window frames is a question we’re often asked. Yes absolutely we replace window frames. There are times when the frame itself may not need replacing when new glass panes are being put in. But oftentimes yes the window frames will be irreparable and we’ll be ready to get your frames replaced. 

Part of our Perth emergency glass repair service is the actual door or window frame replacement.

If you’re looking to get your glass replacement done in Perth, whether it’s a scheduled service call to upgrade old windows and frames, or part of an emergency breakage situation, at Secure Glass, we have you covered.

Here’s an example of one of our window frame replacement Perth jobs done:

Secure Glass Perth Western Suburbs Window Frame Installation
Window Frame Installation at Perth Western Suburbs

Schedule A Free Glass Replacement Quote

From birds to balls to vandalism, there really is an endless number of situations that lead to needing a window glass and frame replacement.

Coupled with the fact that you need your home, shop or office windows to be absolutely safe and secure, your glass replacement and install needs to be done by experienced and trustworthy glazing professionals.  

And replacing glass windows requires not only highly experienced professionals, but also the right materials and tools for the job to get the proper quality glass cut to size on the spot.

We offer the utmost workmanship and are always here for you at a moment’s notice. Secure Glass licensed glaziers in Perth are always just a phone call away.

For window glass replacement cost and any other questions, give us a call. We can start with a free measurement and quote! Book an appointment or give us a call direct at (08) 9314 2044 or 0421 623 224.

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