November 22, 2017

Ceramic Painted Glass

Secure Glass has recently completed the installation of a series of decorative Ceramic Painted Glass Panels in the rest rooms of the new Gaming Room at the Crown Casino Complex in Burswood, Western Australia. The panels are made from 10mm toughened glass with a highly detailed, ceramic painted and embossed design depicting a painted ocean. They sit 150mm away from the back wall which has a panel of LED lights. The concept aims to create the effect of ‘washing your hands in the ocean’. The LED lights brighten the image and heighten the effect.

The overall image is 1900mm high and 4000mm long in a 6-piece glass puzzle; all 6 pieces of the flowing-wave image had to match. The individual panels were fixed into a 25mm x 25mm channel with a backing gasket (this allows access to replace any LED bulbs).

Our General Manager, Andy, reports that Burswood Management was ‘extremely happy’ with the job.

It’s good to see architects using more imagination and flare when incorporating glass in their designs and I feel it is long-overdue. Once exclusively the realm of leadlight windows, the modern window has now become a canvas for freehand, creative expression. Technological advances in the field of Ceramic Inks have enabled Art Glass to come of age, both structurally and economically, to the point where it can safely be used to curtain-wall buildings. But it is also being used to decoratively enhance hotel foyers, restaurants, office reception areas and private homes.

How Is It Made?

Using either Silk Screen, Digital Printer or Free-Hand methods – or even brush or roller – the paint or ‘ink’ is applied on to clear, tinted, patterned or reflective glass. The glass is then heat-strengthened or toughened, a process which fuses the paint to the glass creating a permanent, durable coating. The painted product can also be laminated for specialist applications such as overhead glazing. Another attractive form of Art Glass is Formed Glass: glass panels coloured and impressed under heat to give an artistic, patterned surface.

Ceramic painted glass is also known as Ceramic Fritted, Colourclad, Ceramic Backed or even Opacified glass, and current methods and materials allow unlimited artistic expression in this field. It is now up to architects and designers to exercise their creative juices on behalf of their clients.

Wave Glass Design in Rest Room

Wave Glass Design in Rest Room


Features and Applications:

  • Spandrel panels for matching or contrasting vision panels
  • Door motifs (toughened glass only)
  • Decorative panels for kitchens, bathrooms, internal wall-cladding, partitions, shower screens, signage and furniture
  • Reduce glare or filter light with special patterned designs
  • Can be laminated
  • Paint is non-reactive with the glass.
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