November 22, 2017

“I Contacted You After a Home Invasion”

From:  Lyn Day

Sent:  Thursday, 31 July 2008 3:37 PM

To:  May

Subject:  Thank you


Hi May,

Don’t know if you remember me, but I contacted you early on the morning on 27 June after a home invasion. I would just like to thank you personally for the wonderful way you helped me with my emergency. I had a huge pane of glass smashed in and needed to be at work for urgent business. I was very impressed (and grateful) for your obvious concern and the way you managed to get someone out to repair it so quickly.

I was also very impressed with Lee who came out to do the repairs. He did a great job and helped greatly with clearing up an enormous amount of small-sized glass fragments.

I only got to your company after phoning several other firms who were pretty unconcerned and unhelpful. I hope that Secure Glass appreciates the great job that you and Lee do and should I be unfortunate enough to need to replace any more glass, your company will be the first one I call. Keep up the good work.

Kind Regards,


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