November 22, 2017

Switchglass Moving Ahead

Arrival of Heatbox - Laminating Plant

New Laminating Plant

Since taking on the mantle of Switchglass a year or two ago, we have grown considerably and our team has been on a rapid learning curve ever since.

From our genesis twenty one years ago as Secure Glass – a tightly managed and successful glazing company still catering to clients in Perth, Western Australia – Switchglass now deals with orders and quotes from clients all around the globe. Our switchable privacy glass products can be supplied competitively to all points of the compass, and yes, that includes points on land, sea and air (more on the latter two – ‘marine craft’ and ‘aeroplanes’, later). For this to happen with any practicality it was necessary for us to be in the age of the Internet, Satellite Technology and Mobile Telephony. Thanks to this technology, and our collaboration with global partners and other experts in the field, we have been able to satisfy our international clients’ requirements just as we would if we were dealing with a client from around the block.


The Future

The new laminating plant that we will shortly be incorporating into our factory will give us a more competitive edge with all laminated glass product for the local market, especially Switchable Privacy Glass, and, perhaps more importantly, enable us to cope even more effectively and efficiently with clients in our own Asia Pacific region – our back yard, so to speak.

As well as our namesake product, Switchable Privacy Glass, our team is gearing up to produce a wide range of laminated glass product in-house. The market for Privacy Glass and custom laminated glass products is quite diverse and growing daily.

In extending our borders beyond Perth to the globe at large we have already tapped into the marine (as in boats) market and are vigorously pursuing the avionics industry (specifically aeroplane windows) and train windows. The latter two require a particularly tough type of laminate structure to make the windows bullet-resistant (Bullet Resistant Glass) or hurricane-proof (Cyclone Resistant Glass) because of the speed at which the vehicles travel. While this specific product is not strictly glass but is constructed using sheets made of a polycarbonate composition, we will be ideally set-up to comply. The boat market interests us in particular because luxury yacht owners are already taking an interest in Switchable Privacy Glass in their craft’s cockpits and below-deck lounges. We have already supplied it to a luxury Riviera motor yacht on the Sunshine Coast. Nor is it a secret that Perth has several very large boat building facilities whose clients are from all around the globe. As part of our expansion program our sales team will be pursuing these avenues with some diligence this year – all exciting possibilities. It is going to be a good, productive, challenging and interesting year for us at Switchglass.

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