January 22, 2018

Double Glazed Leadlight Door Panels

When visiting friends in Eastbourne in southern England we arrived at their front door. Sure, there was pleasure and excitement of seeing them again after such a long time – but there was something unusual and eye-catching about that front door. We busied ourselves in moving in for a few days and enjoying their family’s company, but still there was this unusual, intriguing but very attractive, glass panelled front door that drew me back to look, time and again. How was it done?

The whole of their two storied house is double glazed, as are the majority of English houses now, but I was not expecting to come across a decorative lead-light panel laminated within a double glazed glass-paneled door. But then, of course, why not! Truly, there is not much point in having the windows of your whole house double glazed if you are not going to double glaze your front door – but double glazed lead-light?

I discovered there were few companies doing this back in Australia. What it is, in fact, is a lead-light panel suspended, or laminated, between the two outer panes of the Insulated Glass (Double Glazed) Unit. It may, or may not, be laminated to one of the inside surfaces of the outer panes – it could be floating or fixed – but the overall result is indeed eye-catching and I began to note it was not an uncommon feature of many a front door around Eastbourne.

Even if you were to look upon the double glazing/laminating of the lead-light door panel only as a protection for the art glass panel, you would be making a wise decision, not to mention the outer panes of glass are easier to clean.

I wonder if it will catch on here in Oz.


Laminated Leadlight Double Glazed
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