January 22, 2018


Information Sheet and FAQs

LamGuard is the optimum security glass to protect your home and family, and your business premises.

It is a security-laminated glass made of two pieces of 2.5-mm float glass, bonded by a 1.52-mm PVB vinyl inter-layer.

This inter-layer is four times thicker than that found in standard laminated glass. It is the thickness of this inter-layer, not the thickness of the glass, which makes LamGuard 47 times stronger than standard home window and sliding door glass.

How Is LamGuard Made?

LamGuard is made by sandwiching a clear, vinyl inter-layer between two panes of glass and bonding them together with heat and pressure. Once sealed, the glass “sandwich” behaves as a single unit and looks like normal glass.

Why Use LamGuard?

Security: LamGuard is the only home and business security product guaranteed to keep an intruder out.

Warranty: LamGuard is backed by a lifetime, manufacturer-backed warranty against fading, bubbling, peeling and discolouring (see full warranty details below).

Ultra Violet Protection: The vinyl inter-layer in LamGuard absorbs more than 99% of UV radiation. This greatly reduces fading of your furnishings and/or business stock extending their life by as much as 8.5 times and protecting you inside the premises.

Colours: LamGuard comes in four tinted shades.

Noise Reduction: LamGuard, through the thickness of the components,reduces exterior traffic, voice and airplane noise by 13%. LamGuard can also be fitted in an insulating glass unit (Double Glazing), which can further cut voice and traffic noise by 46%.

Safety Features: LamGuard acts as a Safety Glass. In the home or in a high-pedestrian business area it can greatly minimise the risk of injury as it resists penetration from impact. If broken, laminated glass sticks to the vinyl inter-layer which stays intact. It also prevents dangerous shards of glass from scattering. LamGuard is classed Grade ‘A’ by the Australian Standards, making it the superior safety glass product.

Cost: Is LamGuard Expensive? No. When LamGuard is compared with other security products on the market, its pricing is very competitive. In some cases, LamGuard is cheaper. The difference with LamGuard is that it is guaranteed to work.

How Does LamGuard Work?

LamGuard works by stretching and absorbing impact. If struck, the vinyl inter-layer keeps the glass intact and stops penetration. It would take a considerable amount of time and effort – needing over 100 blows to the same area -, to create a very small hole. This hole would not even be large enough to get a hand through and the related noise would be a deterent to any intruder.

How Much Stronger is LamGuard?

LamGuard makes your glass windows 47 times stronger than standard window glass because the vinyl inter-layer is four times thicker than ordinary laminate.

Will LamGuard Stop My Windows From Breaking?

No. What LamGuard does do is make it incredibly hard and time consuming to make a penetration. The glass will shatter when struck, but the vinyl inter-layer will hold it together and prevent a hole being made.

Will My Windows Looks Different?

No. LamGuard is clear and will not affect the appearance of your windows. You will still be able to see in and out of them as if they were made of standard glass.

How Are The LamGuard Windows Installed?

LamGuard windows are installed in the same way as standard home windows. There is no added inconvenience or a different process involved, as all the work is done to the glass in the workshop prior to installation.

How Do I Clean Them?

LamGuard windows can be cleaned, both inside and out, as you would clean any ordinary window. As the protective layer is between the panes of glass, you can treat and clean your LamGuard windows in the same manner you always have.

Laminated Safety Glass



Would A Security Film Be As Effective As LamGuard?

In our experience, and through the evidence presented in security film product demonstrations in front of the Police Crime Prevention Unit, Security film is not as effective as LamGuard. Security films will hold the glass in place if broken, but they are easily pushed through the frame and penetration is often made after a single blow. This allows easy access for an intruder. Security films are applied to the inside of a window – the actual glass has not been given any additional strength. In contrast, LamGuard achieves its unique strength through the vinyl inter-layer, making the glass stronger and virtually impossible to penetrate.

How Can I Be Sure They Won’t Degrade With Age?

As the strength of LamGuard is in its vinyl inter-layer, sandwiched between two panes of glass, it is protected from the elements. It is these environmental elements that frequently degrade other products, like window films.

What Is The Warranty/Guarantee For LamGuard?

LamGuard comes with a lifetime, manufacturer-backed warranty against:

  • Discolouring
  • Fading
  • Bubbling
  • Peeling

This is a lifetime warranty valid for the time the purchaser resides in (or business owner owns) the premises fitted with LamGuard.

Further to this, the Secure Glass guarantee stipulates that if LamGuard fails to keep an intruder out, or if entry is gained through a window, not the frame, Secure Glass will refund your money and replace the damaged window free. We will also pay the occupant’s home and contents insurance premiums for one year. (Conditions apply.