January 23, 2018

Types of Glass

Accordance with Australian Standards

To comply with today’s Australian Standards, all glass used in high traffic areas must be Safety Glass.

In domestic situations, this applies primarily to glass sliding doors and glass in wet areas, such as bathrooms. To further minimise the risk of injury, Safety Glass should be installed in family rooms, play or games rooms and even children’s bedrooms.

In commercial premises, the risk is much higher than in the private home, especially if there is a great deal of pedestrian traffic through the business. It is recommended that all glass in commercial premises be Safety Glass. This should ensure that the proprietor, in the event of someone having an accident involving the glass on site, would be clear of any liability. There are a number of situations where Standard, non-safety glass may be used in construction, but approved Safety Glass is affordable and readily available in a variety of standards and types.

STANDARD or FLOAT GLASS gets its name from the manufacturing process used to make it. Molten glass is ‘floated’ onto a bed of tin to ensure a glass sheet is flat and distortion free. It is the most commonly used glass around the home, primarily in windows, but can also be one of the most hazardous. Caution and common sense should be used in areas where this glass is used. When Float Glass breaks, it can break into jagged, razor sharp shards which have the capacity to inflict deep cuts.

TOUGHENED GLASS is float glass that has been through a rigorous heating and cooling procedure. This procedure makes toughened glass 5x stronger than float glass. It is designed to shatter into thousands of relatively harmless fragments when broken or fallen into, thus reducing the risk of injury. It is important to remember however, that once glass has been through the toughening process it is impossible to cut or alter again as the glass will shatter if broken or cut in any way.

Toughened glass is the most common Safety Glass – always used in sliding doors or ranch sliders – and complies with the minimum permitted safety standard.

WIRED GLASS is available in clear or obscured. As its name suggests it has wire mesh sandwiched between two panes of glass helping to give it strength. Originally developed as a cheap fire resistant glass, it is the most common safety glass used in shower screens, bathrooms and laundries, the wire mesh preventing someone falling through the glass.

LAMINATED GLASS has an inter-layer that makes it stronger and much more resistant to impact. The inter-layer also holds the glass together when it is broken, preventing dangerous shards of glass falling. It can be used in windows or doors to increase security and safety.

LAMGUARD is a superior laminated glass with an interlayer four times thicker than standard laminate, making the glass virtually impenetrable. LamGuard is classed Grade ‘A’ by the Australian Glass Safety Standards and is suitable for windows and doors.

PICTURE GLASS the most economic and commonly used is 2mm Regular Glass. Being only 2mm thick it is very light, making it ideal for hanging pictures. The next most popular is Non-Reflective Glass. Also 2mm thick, its high transparency but low reflective properties reduce glare and reflection. If you have a very valuable work of art it would pay to use Conservation Glass. This glass has a special coating that filters out more than 97% of harmful U.V. rays. However, you will pay top dollar for this luxury. Lastly, there is Museum Glass. This once again has light filtering properties but is of the highest quality. It is not much used by the general public.

DECORATIVE GLASS or ART GLASS comes in a wide variety of colours, thickness and attractive forms. Some types comply with Australian Safety Standards.


SAFETY FILM can also be applied to windows and sliding doors after glazing to make them comply with safety standards. By holding the glass fragments together when the pane gets broken, it can prevent potential injury.


Other Types of Glass


PyroGuard 40™
Bushfire resistant glass specifically for use in bushfire prone areas


VLam Hush™
Noise reducing glass


Protection for people and property
Bomb and Blast Guard™
Glass solutions for the most extreme security risks
Bullet resistant glass
Protection for people and property
Creative design solutions for advanced security barriers
Glass solutions for the most extreme security risks
The security advantages are all one way


Protection against nature’s most powerful storms

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