February 17, 2018

Starfire Glass

A relatively new innovation, Starfire Glass is a lead free, low iron glass renowned for its crystal-like clarity. It is not quite clear enough to be labelled “crystal” however, as a very slight blue tint is evident in the mostly-clear product.

Standard float glass will always have a greenish tinge, especially when viewed end-on or when laminated. The relative uncoloured clarity of Starfire Glass lends itself to situations where the vivid colours of viewed objects behind the glass are to be displayed at their best: tropical fish tanks come to mind. Its use is also important when the glass has a colour coating, enabling the true-colour to show through. Coloured glass splashbacks used in kitchens benefit by its use. As standard clear glass gets thicker the green tinge from the iron content becomes more noticeable and while this is sometimes unimportant, if you want to display true colours seen through your glass – such as through showerscreens where the background tiles or decoration is important – Starfire Glass is the most appropriate. The use of Starfire Glass enables colours to be seen as true-to-life.


Secure Glass can supply this product in a variety of sizes, thicknesses and a range of colours.

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